Installing Ionic

Before we get our hands on kick start with development, let take a few moment to understand the installation components and steps in Ionic. PC or Mac is not a concern as Ionic can be used on both platforms and both iOS and Android platform applications can be developed without any hardware or Operating system concerns.

Installing Node.js

Please visit NodeJs and install the latest stable version of Node.js on your pc. Once you have Node installed, fire up the Node command terminal.

Installing Ionic and Cordova via NPM

npm install -g ionic cordova -dd


sudo npm install -g ionic cordova -dd

Once this is complete, you can check if the Ionic CLI is installed by the following command

ionic -v


ionic -info

If you have reached this far then you are ready to create your first sample application and verify if everything is working fine.

My First Application ...

Lets create your first awesome app now

ionic start MyFirstAwesomeApp -v2

this command will create a folder named MyFirstAwesomeApp in the current directory where Node command is running. So just step in the directory of the project by entering

cd MyFirstAwesomeApp

and to fire up the application just enter the following magical words

ionic serve

In the next post we will start creating a Awesome app using Ionic 2

~ Quote of the day ~

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.