Learning Xamarin

After a long wait, I enrolled myself to Xamarin University. My aim is to gain maximum skills for a cross-platform mobile application development. The focus of Xamarin Certification is mainly around Xamarin.Forms, but I prefer to get acquainted with Xamarin world with the following big steps - Xamarin.Android followed by Xamarin.iOS and then jump on to Xamarin.Forms.

I was not able to give myself a start with Xamarin earlier due to lot of issues related to time and the overall cost of the XamarinU classes. Now things have changed and I am in a position to dedicate few hours a day. I am equipped my MBP and Surface Pro ready for Xamarin Development as per the instructions mentioned here

I will be posting resources, articles, my learning and much more on this blog. Also will be posting about my progress on XamarinU.

To manage the knowledge gained and then dedicate some hands on from XamarinU classes, I created a trello page that will report my progress in each section - Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Forms